Monta Juniors 'SS20 - The Story of the New Heroes

Back in the day the legendary Dutch players made name for themselves by introducing a beautiful, effective way of playing soccer: Total Football. The type of soccer that originated in street soccer.

These days, when playing soccer, kids are taught to play in one specific position: thatʼs your job. The center forward only attacks. A defender does nothing else than defend.

When playing on the pitch, this might work perfectly. But itʼs also a lot less challenging for our creative young players who are the inspiration to our SS20 collection. SS20 is all about that new generation of fun- loving artists around the world who are brought together by one thing: the shared love for soccer.

To represent this inspiring freedom of young players in their Spring/Summer ʼ20 collection, Monta shares the story of New Heroes from Ajax Amsterdam and PSV Eindhoven.

They still have the street soccer FUNdamentals, different than in regular soccer nobody sticks to one role and you can let your imagination run wild. A center forward will just as well play defensive. So a number 9, becomes a 6 or a 10.

All positions are combined into amazing, exciting play: total football. Thatʼs what is so inspiring to us.

These playersʼ stories and dreams described the combined passion all New He- roes feel, the love for the game that makes soccer a way of life. Which made a perfect fit with Montaʼs philosophy: The World is My Playground. Whether you play at a pro club or on the streets, the rule is to have fun.

Being a street soccer inspired brand from the start, we aim to translate the excite- ment and fun of street soccerʼs total football into our collections.

Every theme within a collection exists out of a different positions number and characteristics, flowing over in one another creating a perfect whole. Just like Total Football.

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